01 March 2014

My kind of cow

I thought it pretty awesome.  Last night instead of a nice clean and warm straw pack, this girl was enjoying an evening (1 am) relaxing her big pregnant belly outside in the fresh falling snow.

28 February 2014

Calves and the Cold

You know something must not be quite right with you, when you have just finished checking cows and calves for the last 2.5 hours, and you are walking to the house and see the stars. You stop to gaze in wonder for a while, standing in the -15 degree weather without gloves on just staring and think to yourself, "It is so absolutely lovely out!  The wind is gone...I could just stand here for hours gazing and the stars..."
Then things start working right again, and you realize you have only slept for 2 hours so far tonight, you have a dull headache from lack of sleep lately, and as lovely as the weather is outside, it will be much more lovely laying in your warm bed next to your wife...
Then you realize instead of going to bed you are writing a blog post... maybe you have frostbite of the brain...

16 January 2014

Sweet Winter Blessings

Feeling a sincere lack of gratitude in my heart lately. Ugh! Thank you God for each of these blessings below...
"Lego Man"
Knitted dresses
Blooming chefs
Babies sleeping - doesn't get more precious than this, such peace!
Fun times sent over from a special Aunt
Knitted sweaters  :)
Oh, that smile!
Spunky Enoch
GREAT friends!
Sweet gifts
A pretty old quilt and happy little girl
Lots of this everyday
"Reading" together King Arthur ;)
Fun Daddies

01 December 2013


 Soooo kissable!!!
 Love this crew!!
I love these moments so much!

21 October 2013

Sweet Mercy

We are so blessed to have welcomed our little girl, sweet Mercy Éowyn Shupe into the world early yesterday morning. A girl!?! Yes, what a wild adventure we feel we've begun! Daddy and our midwife caught this sweet bundle at 3:00 am, our 9lb 3oz, 21in ball of joy!
Ohhh, Mercy!

Our courageous little mouse Peepiceek is here!
These boys are in love!

We told the boys they have a big job...that God has called them to protect and watch out for their sister. Abraham asked what that meant. We explained that if some schmuck tries to give her trouble they would need to protect her. Abraham responded, "I would hit him with a bat." Enoch said, "put him outside, bottombutter?" Yes boys, something like that. :)

03 June 2013

Baby Shupe, Affectionately known as Peepiceek!

Look at that sweet little face - so in love!!!!


Can you tell we're smitten:). 

 Lil' toes!

18 May 2013


God blessed us with such a fun weekend last week in Lansing. Jonathan and I were so encouraged and inspired by the INCH conference we attended. The boys had a blast playing with their Daddy at the "water pool" while Mommy attended some of the sessions (thank you, Babe!!). And Mommy had a blast biking around Michigan State with the Abraham and Enoch while Jonathan attended some of the sessions. What memories and what a beautiful campus. Abraham's comment on seeing my old dorm was, "Wow, your house was really big." Too sweet!

Family fun at Impressions 5 Science Museum. Boys building bridges...
Boys pulling boys...
Feeding ducks on the Red Cedar - Enoch's favorite place!
This place still smells the same walking up to it - crazy!! I used to live behind that Redbud - good times with Erin and Wendy and friends! The dorm was locked - bummer to not be able to show Abraham.
We tried to convince Abraham that there was a "broom store" in the building behind him. He wouldn't bite - but he did lick some ice cream at the MSU Dairy Store - hubba hubba!!! Somehow he guessed there was ice cream in there. Too cute. Love these guys so much.